Day of the Serpent – Season Seven Starter – September 12th

Posted by on August 3, 2015

Day of the Serpent – our Season Seven Starter – is September 12th, once again at Ettin Games.

Last year’s season kick-off was a huge success, and this year’s will no doubt be better. Not only do we have another multi-table special – but this year, we have two. Plus, we’re running the five newest Year of the Serpent scenarios to start the new season off right.

We’re taking over Ettin Games in Humble for the day, and to make this happen, Ettin’s asking for $10 per person, which will immediately go towards your personal store credit. We’d hope our friends will be willing to support the store that’ll be hosting us all day… and you’re gamers – it’s not like you can walk into a game store and not spend at least $10. Besides, Ettin’s got cool stuff. There’s plenty of food places nearby, and it’s an easy sign up on the Houston PFS warhorn.

Register now at the Houston PFS Warhorn.. Registering early helps you ensure that you get to GM and play what you want, and it also ensures that we get our scenarios and boons from Paizo in time.

Here’s our schedule:

10:00am – 7 tables of 6–97: Siege of Serpents.

This multi-table interactive adventure in which each group’s actions contribute to the entire room’s success is for levels 1-11.

The Pathfinder Society has opened its gates to visitors from across the world in anticipation of the Grand Convocation, a magnificent festival in which Pathfinders share tales of their exploits, show off their findings, and celebrate the Society’s accomplishments. However, an inopportune accident quickly spirals out of control when an old enemy attempts a brazen assault on the Pathfinders’ home, and an unexpected foe emerges from hiding to seek vengeance for the Society’s perceived crimes. Can the Pathfinders pacify the chaos and protect their guests while simultaneously defending the Grand Lodge?

3:00pm – your choice:

6–98: Serpents Rise – 7th-level pregenerated Aspis Consortium characters.
Years of political maneuvering, espionage, smuggling, and diplomacy have set the stage for the Aspis Consortium’s most ambitious attack on their Inner Sea rivals: the Pathfinder Society. All that remains are several key preparations that only an elite team of Aspis agents can arrange, and once the fireworks begin, these same agents must strike quickly and mercilessly to secure objectives—some shared and some connected to deeper plots—and escape without the Society being any the wiser.

In this adventure the players portray agents of the Aspis Consortium using 7th-level pregenerated characters. The events in this story also connect to and expand upon those in “Siege of Serpents”.

There will only be one table of 6-98, as this scenario requires a 4-star GM, of which we’ve only had one volunteer. If you’re a 4-star GM, and would like to run it for us, please contact me quickly.

6–99: True Dragons of Absalom – 4th-level pregenerated Sewer Dragon kobold characters. Full.

For several years, the Pathfinder Society has enjoyed a mutually beneficial alliance with the Sewer Dragons, the dominant tribe of kobolds living beneath Absalom. When an elite patrol discovers a wounded member of the Society with a desperate message, the Sewer Dragons must move quickly intercept an extraordinary threat from seizing their territory—if not Absalom itself! In this special adventure the players portray kobolds as unlikely defenders of the City at the Center of the World using 4th-level pregenerated characters.

There will only be one table of 6-99, as this scenario requires a 5-star GM, of which we’ve only had one volunteer. If you’re a 5-star GM, and would like to run it for us, please contact me quickly.

7–01: Between the Lines – levels 1–5.

Rival explorers have beaten the Pathfinders to a valuable site in Katapesh, but fortunately most of the riches—including the obscure text the Society sought in the first place—have ended up in the capitol’s extensive bazaars. What is at first a routine shopping trip spirals out of control as the PCs uncovers the writing’s secret past—and secret messages.

7–02: Six Seconds to Midnight – levels 3–7.

A strange confluence of circumstances leaves the researchers of Uringen understaffed and in need of able-bodied assistants. Conveniently, recent Pathfinder Society experiments call for a rare reagent found only in that area, and the two organizations have negotiated a mutually beneficial deal. Can the PCs reach the secluded settlement in time to witness this extraordinary event—and handle the phenomenon’s aftermath?

7–03: The Bronze House Reprisal – levels 5–9.

A recent assault on the Pathfinder Society has renewed hostilities with the Aspis Consortium, and clues left behind point to one of its masterminds: the gold agent Maiveer Sloan. By infiltrating one of the Consortium’s artifact-smuggling operations, the PCs can sabotage their rivals’ criminal operations and send a clear message: No attack will go unanswered.

7-04: Title TBA – levels 7-11.

7-05: Title TBA – levels 1-5.

8:00pm – 7 tables of 7–00: The Sky Key Solution.

This multi-table interactive adventure in which each group’s actions contribute to the entire room’s success is for levels 1-11.

At long last, the Pathfinder Society has reassembled the Numerian device known as the Sky Key. Initial tests suggest it is capable of projecting a location’s past into the present, allowing Society agents to peruse books from destroyed libraries and speak with echoes of long-dead heroes. Now that it has perfected the Sky Key’s controls, the Pathfinder Society is prepared to extract a slice of Absalom’s history and bring it into the present; however, there’s no telling what might be waiting inside—or who in the present might wish to wield the same power.

…and that’s our big day! Sign up now at

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