Change in Plans for tomorrow’s games in Humble

Posted by on November 27, 2015

Humble players, here’s how we’re adjusting for tomorrow with Sebastian being out for Emerald Spire tomorrow:

Susan’s volunteered to GM something lower level. I’m setting her up with 6-08: The Segang Expedition. Hopefully, there’s enough of you that haven’t played it. This was chosen considering how long it’s been since it was offered, how many signed up at noon have played it (in a place I have access to the sign-ups), and difficulty to run cold. Also, I’m not willing to go older than season five for someone that’s not a VO running cold for us.

Jordan’s volunteered to run the newest Blakros scenario for us at 5:00. It was already on the schedule, but we had a lack of sign-ups. Maybe with the cancellation of the Emerald Spire modules, we’ll have enough players. Let’s find out.

So that’s the current plan. We’ll see where sign-ups are Saturday morning. If we don’t have enough players by, say, 10:00, we’ll just scrap the whole thing and you can do something lame with your Saturday like spend it with family. Everything’s set up now at

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