FoodMachine Raffle

Want a chance to get a copy of the Advanced Class Guide without paying full price?

One of our members bought an extra copy of it, and on Day of the Stonelords, will be putting it in a raffle to raise funds towards Foodmachine Houston’s goal of getting their 501c3.

100% of raffle ticket sales will go towards Foodmachine’s goal. And hey – if you don’t win, you’re at the game store!

Mark your calendars – Day of the Stonelords is September 13th. Sign up and details on the Houston PFS Warhorn: – this WILL fill up, so sign up soon.

Foodmachine Houston – benefitting Houston Food Bank – will be November 15th at the MD Anderson Library at University of Houston. Stay tuned for details.

You know, there might be other donated items, too…

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Upcoming Pathfinder Society in Humble

Our upcoming Pathfinder Society events in Humble. Unless otherwise noted, RSVP at to reserve your spot.

August 16th – 10:00

Levels 13-15
Tomb of the Iron Medusa
Full Day Module

August 23rd – 11:00

Levels 7-9

Tempest Rising
Skull & Shackles, Part III (Full Day)
August 23rd – Noon

Levels 1-5
4-11: The Disappeared
Desimire Plot

August 23rd – 5:00

Levels 1-5
4-18: The Veteran’s Vault
Desimire Plot, Sacha’s Tale

September 13th

Day of the Stonelords – A Houston-Area Pathfinder Society Special Event
Season 5 end / Season 6 start
Sign-Up at
$10 purchase from Ettin required

September 27th – 11:00

Levels 3-5
Burnt Offerings
Rise of the Runelords, Part I (Full Day)
GM Needed

September 27th – Noon

Levels 7-11
2-26: The Mantis’s Prey
Year of the Shadow Lodge / Torch

September 27th – 5:00

Levels 1-5
3-01: The Frostfur Captives
The Shadow Lodge

October 11th – 11:00

Levels 3-5
Shards of Sin
Shattered Star, Part I (Full Day)
GM Needed

October 11th – Noon

Levels 3-7
3-06: Song of the Sea Witch
The Unlucky Historian / Torch
GM Needed

October 11th – 5:00

Levels 1-5
3-18: The God’s Market Gamble
Grandmaster Torch

October 25th – 11:00

Levels 4-6
The Skinsaw Murders
Rise of the Runelords, Part II (Full Day)
GM Needed

October 25th – Noon

Levels 3-7
4-23: Rivalry’s End
The Shadow Lodge
GM Needed

October 25th – 5:00

Levels 3-7
5-06: You Have What You Hold
Year of the Demon / Shadow Lodge
GM Needed

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Adventure Paths in Humble

Last time I polled the Kingwood players, they told me they wanted adventure paths – specifically, that they wanted Rise of the Runelords.

So I’m seeing if there’s a way to make this work, providing those that asked are willing to put the majority of work in. The Rise of the Runelords adventure path and Shattered Star adventure paths are now on the schedule. These only happen if GMs are willing to step up to BOTH run AND acquire the products. These are products that our friends at Ettin sell. We won’t be using pirated copies. I’ll go a step further and encourage purchasing from them, since they’ve been good to us – yes, Amazon is cheaper – but they’re not letting us use tables twice a month.

I won’t be running these, but I will be providing “between sanctioned material” information will be posted for the players. Its actually a cool story (well, Rise is, I haven’t seen a lot of Star), and I don’t want you guys missing out. I love you little degenerate nerds.

Anyway, you’re being told this now, because sanctioned content for Rise of the Runelords starts at level three, and you want time to build a character if this is something you care about. I’m going to give this some time – and if we don’t get GMs to acquire/run parts of the adventure path – then lesson learned, we’ll cancel, and not bother with another one.

If you’re interested, the relevant links are below. If you want to GM something, let me know.

Burnt Offerings: Rise of the Runelords, part I:

Shards of Sin, Shattered Star, part I:

The Skinsaw Murders, Rise of the Runelords, part II:

If this works, we’ll do it again with two more adventure paths. If not, we have plenty of other material to work with.

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Have some open GM slots for The Houston Con

Thursday night

PFS 3-19: The Icebound Outpost (levels 1-5)

Friday night:
PFS 3–26: Portal of the Sacred Rune (levels 7-11)

Saturday afternoon
PFS 4-07: Severing Ties (levels 1-5)

Saturday night
PFS 5-24: Assault on the Wound (levels 3-7)

Sunday afternoon
PFS 5-25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag (levels 7-11)
PFS 5-19: The Horn of Aroden (levels 1-5)

As a reminder, registration and information for The Houston Con can be found at

Gaming sign-up is at

Volunteer registration is at

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Upcoming Pathfinder Society in Humble

June 28th – Noon

Levels 3-7
3-08: Among the Gods House of the Immortal Son

Levels 7-11
2-08: The Sarkorian Prophecy The Shadow Lodge

June 28th – 5:00

Levels 5-9
5-18: The Stranger Within Andoran, Qadira, Sczarni

July 8th – 9:00
Gamer Academy Kid’s Track

July 12th – Noon

Levels 1-5
5-21: The Merchant’s Wake Qadira

Levels 3-7
5-14: Day of the Demon Desimire Plot / Blakros Family

July 12th – 5:00

Levels 1-5
2-19: Keep of the Huscarl King Shades of Ice, Part III
5-22: Scars of the Third Crusade Silver Crusade

Levels 5-9
5-23: Cairn of Shadows Andoran, Cheliax

Everything’s on the meetup – – except for the Kid’s Track, which is at

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About The Houston Con…

Guys, I want to address something real quick that I haven’t had the time to talk about in-depth yet.
Yes, I know that people are hesitant on The Houston Con.

…and I get it, I do. Whatever your reason is… I’ve heard it. Here’s my take on all of it:

We’re going to have a good time, despite everything else. Its very much going to be worth your time/money, and not only will you enhance our experience with your presence, but you’re going to wish you were there as well.

Our gaming coordinator put it best: “Pathfinder Society has its shit together”. Hell yeah, we do.

See… everything else people are talking about – I’m not saying they aren’t valid points – but they don’t take away from us. As far as I’m concerned, all we really need for a successful PFS event are three things:

1) tables
2) chairs
3) each other.

It took some work, but we got 1 & 2 taken care of. I need you for #3.

Check out our schedule – its got some really cool stuff on it:

1) scenarios that haven’t been run at a Houston convention before, as we say farewell to Year of the Demon
2) newbie-friendly stuff
3) seeker-tier stuff.
4) A special that’s being run on a Saturday morning – so you holy rollers can join us and still get your church on. Plus, a track of scenarios that lead up to, and launch from, the special for our other time slots.
5) full-day modules
If three+ solid days of PFS is too much for you (you casual), we’ll also have Warmahordes (and no, Mike – I’m not separating that out), X-Wing, Iron Kindgoms RPG, Steve Jackson Games, Dungeons & Dragons (for those of you that didn’t learn your lesson last edition), and Ettin Games is going to be out with their massive kick-ass board game library again. Yes, I’m an Ettin homer fanboy – but not without good reason.

Plus, a charity that you’ll be glad to be associated with.

You and I? Us, together? We’re awesome. I think you’ll be happy with the gaming segment of Houston Con. You should join us. to sign up for gaming – remember, GM 8 hours and get free admission. to register for the convention itself

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Upcoming in Humble

Upcoming Pathfinder Society in Humble (that’s not already full):

May 10th – Noon
5-08: The Confirmation (Levels 1-2, Repeatable Introduction)
4-13: Fortress of the Nail (5-9, Sachas Tale, Desimire Plot)

May 10th – 5:00
2-20: Wrath of the Accursed (Levels 7-11, The Shadow Lodge)

Obviously, we’re off for Comicpalooza

June 14th – Noon
0-14: The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (Levels 1-5)
0-07: Among the Living (Level 3-7, House of the Immortal Son)
5-20: The Sealed Gate (Lvl 7-11, Grand Lodge, Silver Crusade) – still needs a GM

June 14th – 5:00
1-45: Delirium’s Tangle (Levels 1-5, Grandmaster Torch) – still needs a GM
1-49: Among the Dead (Level 3-7, House of the Immortal Son) – still needs a GM
0-16: To Scale the Dragon (Levels 5-9)

As always, to RSVP

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Less than Two Weeks til MAG CON!

If were unable to join us last year for Pathfinder Society at MAG CON last year, you really missed out on something special.  Make sure you’re there this year for what I think is the best bang-for-buck gaming convention around.  Clear your calendar April 12th & 13th and come play with us.
Gaming sign ups are at: – HURRY!  Tables are filling up!

To pre-register for the convention, go to

Just like last year, the convention is at the New Caney ISD Annex Building (reminder, it is the sole fundraiser for The Learning Center), located at 21569 U.S. 59, New Caney, Texas 77357
(Northeast Houston Area)

We’ll have scenarios at all levels of play.  That includes “The Confirmation” – the new introduction scenario.  If you haven’t yet played “Year of the Shadow Lodge”, we’ll be running that special on Sunday morning (and if you have, well, the con has plenty of other gaming to offer).  We’ll have FOUR brand-new scenarios.  You’re not going to be bored.  Plus, this year, we have prize support!

Remember folks, we have “the best amenity at any gaming convention, ever” – the mobile food cart.  Concessions brought to your table as we game.

Hope to see you there!
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Character wiki added.

Want to share information about your character with the community? Add her to the Houston Pathfinder Society Wiki.

The main wiki can be found here.

The edit password is “pathfinder”.

See also the text formatting guidelines for our PmWiki software.

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MAG-Con 6 is coming, April 12-13 up in New Caney.

See for details and to order your badge, or check out the event listings on Warhorn.

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