Less than Two Weeks til MAG CON!

If were unable to join us last year for Pathfinder Society at MAG CON last year, you really missed out on something special.  Make sure you’re there this year for what I think is the best bang-for-buck gaming convention around.  Clear your calendar April 12th & 13th and come play with us.
Gaming sign ups are at: https://warhorn.net/events/mag-con-6/ - HURRY!  Tables are filling up!

To pre-register for the convention, go to http://www.magcon.org/

Just like last year, the convention is at the New Caney ISD Annex Building (reminder, it is the sole fundraiser for The Learning Center), located at 21569 U.S. 59, New Caney, Texas 77357
(Northeast Houston Area)

We’ll have scenarios at all levels of play.  That includes “The Confirmation” – the new introduction scenario.  If you haven’t yet played “Year of the Shadow Lodge”, we’ll be running that special on Sunday morning (and if you have, well, the con has plenty of other gaming to offer).  We’ll have FOUR brand-new scenarios.  You’re not going to be bored.  Plus, this year, we have prize support!

Remember folks, we have “the best amenity at any gaming convention, ever” – the mobile food cart.  Concessions brought to your table as we game.

Hope to see you there!
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Character wiki added.

Want to share information about your character with the community? Add her to the Houston Pathfinder Society Wiki.

The main wiki can be found here.

The edit password is “pathfinder”.

See also the text formatting guidelines for our PmWiki software.

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MAG-Con 6 is coming, April 12-13 up in New Caney.

See MAGcon.org for details and to order your badge, or check out the event listings on Warhorn.

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Signups moving

Houston Pathfinder Signups are moving to Warhorn v2.

Check them out here!

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Owlcon GM signups open.


Owlcon returns to Rice University Feb. 21-23, with a mixture of minis, board, card and tabletop gaming, and most importantly for us, Pathfinder Society.

We have much to offer this year:

Adam Daigle returns to give everyone his best Auntie Baltwin voice in In Service to Lore.

Break the Siege of the Diamond City the morning of the 23rd.

Prove your worth to be called a Seeker in Eyes of the Ten.

And laugh in the face of TPK in Bonekeep’s Maze to the Mind Slave.

GM signups are now open on our prototype Openhorn system. Steampunk noises optional.

GM two slots for a free badge and a shiny new tee-shirt.

Player signups are expected to open December 27th, and will go through the main Owlcon website.

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Space City Con GM details.

GMs are still needed for Space City Con, and the deadline to register and claim your GM badge is Dec. 14.

Signups are on Warhorn here. Once you’ve signed up, hit the GM badge claim link to claim your GM badge.

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Space City Con Winter Is Coming

Once a year is not enough for the folks behind Space City Con.

They’ll meet again for gaming Jan. 3-5 2014 in Galveston.

If you would like to GM, email Marc Vanderbrink over on the contact page.

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Space City Con is Nigh.

Space City Con is nearly upon us. Con registration and Pathfinder Society play will be in the main hotel; The Houston Mariott Westchase at 2900 Briarpark Dr. Warhorn signups at http://www.warhorn.net/space-city-con/ will close Thursday morning for mustering.

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Logging in and registering.

To protect against some attacks in the wild, I have password-protected the registration and login page. The username and password for it are both “pathfinder” (all lower-case).

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Space City Con

Space City Con is coming, with Pathfinder Society running Aug. 1st-4th.

Get your badge and sign up for games today!

A few GMs are needed to cover Thursday night and Sunday morning gaming.
Email vlyoungblood@houstonpfs.com to help out.

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